What was your reason to switch and use White & Company?
I decided to switch to White & Co after being disappointed with the level of expertise of my past accountant. I met Matthew White and was thoroughly impressed with his professionalism, attention, business savvy, and proactivity. I knew I wanted to switch right away and have found this to be one of the best decisions I have made for helping me manage the finances of my law firm.

What ultimately made you select White & Company?
The feeling that my matters could be handled thoroughly and with competence. I can sleep better at night knowing my finances are handled with this firm.

What changes and/or benefits have you experienced with White & Company?
The ability to delegate tasks and duties that are beyond my level of understanding and expertise so that I can focus on the things I am good at in my own businesses.

Would you recommend White & Company? Who would you recommend to and why?
If you want to have peace about the financial affairs of your business, you should definitely switch to White & Company.

—P.D. Esq.

"My company started as a passion and while the work was extremely rewarding, I seriously lacked the business skills to manage my finances. The problem was that I had no desire to learn those skills. So I decided to outsource it. So I can focus on what I loved to do. I worked with some accounting firms before but I never felt like they had my best interest in mind. It made me feel uneasy about giving sensitive information. White & Company is not only one of the most competent accounting firms, they are a firm with integrity. Above all things, I value their trustworthiness. I love that I don’t have to think about all the financial details and they take care of it. I feel like they are personally invested in the success of my business. I would advise other business owners to choose an accountant that protects and will fight for your company. For me, White & Company is exactly that."

—J. L.

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